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World’s Only Cord Lining Stem Cell Skin Care. Repair aging & damaged skin with advanced beauty technology


A transformative six-week treatment programme to improve hair density, volume and quality

Innovative six-week hair restoration programme, 100% ethically and naturally derived. It contains powerful PTT-6® that stimulates hair growth by activating the hair follicles, and managing signs of inflammation that causes hair shedding.

Ideal for for men and women, use for hair loss prevention, receding hair line, increasing separation at the parting and menopause-triggered hair thinning. It comes with six ampoules for the treatment course.

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Clinically Validated by Scientists

Active proteins derived from cord lining stem cells can trigger positive reactions by sending cellular messages to the skin.

How CALECIM® works

The patented active ingredients use a unique cellular technology to trigger your own cells to respond in all kinds of beneficial ways.

CALECIM® does not just add ingredients to your skin, it induces your skin to produce more of these beneficial proteins on its own through cell-to-cell communication.

How PTT-6® can transform your skin

The messages that are able to reach every layer of your skin through cellular communication trigger multiple positive responses from your own cells.

These are in-vitro evidence of skin renewal, rejuvenation and restoration that take place in your skin when skin cells are exposed to stem cell media.

These cellular messages work in tandem to activate skin cells to act in a more youthful manner. They are able to work on multiple signs of aging to achieve skin that is healthier, more resilient and radiant.

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