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Discover Your Skin's Potential With Our innovative VISIA® Analysis

Welcome to the future of skin analysis with the VISIA® system. At Dr Julia Sen, we are committed to helping you achieve your skincare goals with cutting-edge technology. VISIA® is revolutionising the way we understand and address your unique concerns. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to personalised solutions.

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VISIA® is a state-of-the-art skin analysis system that provides an in-depth, comprehensive assessment of your skin's health and condition. This advanced technology captures high-resolution images of your face and analyses them using various parameters, allowing us to create a customised skincare plan tailored specifically to your needs.

How VISIA® Works

Image Capture: VISIA® takes a series of high-resolution images of your face using multi-spectral imaging.


Analysis: The system analyses your skin's condition by assessing parameters such as wrinkles, pores, pigmentation, texture, and more.


Report Generation: You'll receive a detailed report outlining your skin's condition and highlighting areas of concern.


Customised Recommendations: We create a personalised skincare plan that includes treatments and products to address your specific needs.


Track Progress: With follow-up assessments, we monitor your progress and adjust your skincare plan as necessary to achieve optimal results.

Why Choose VISIA® Skin Analysis?

Precision: VISIA® provides an accurate, data-driven analysis of your skin, allowing us to customise treatments and products for your unique needs.


Visibility: See the condition of your complexion up close and gain a deeper understanding of its health.


Progress Tracking: Monitor improvements over time and make informed decisions about your skincare regimen.


Personalisation: Your skincare plan is tailored specifically to address your concerns, ensuring the best results.


Confidence: Eliminate guesswork and trust in Dr Julia's science-backed recommendations.

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Who Can Benefit from VISIA®?

VISIA® Skin Analysis is suitable for anyone interested in understanding and improving their skin health. Whether you're dealing with specific concerns or simply want to maintain a healthy, radiant complexion, VISIA® can help you achieve your goals. We will guide you through the process and ensure you receive the best possible care.

Your VISIA® Skin Analysis

Are you ready to take the first step towards healthier, more beautiful skin? Schedule your VISIA® Skin Analysis appointment at Dr Julia Sen. Our expert team is here to guide you and offer personalised solutions. Appointments cost £50.

Unlock the potential of your skin with VISIA® Skin Analysis – the future of skincare assessment is here. 

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