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Facial treatments

Aesthetics Clinic

Join Zoë Bourne for our Saturday Botulinum Toxin, Fillers & Morpheus8 Clinic

While our Nurse Zoë feels passionate about providing high-quality care to the NHS, she has also developed a love for aesthetics. Dr Julia Sen’s clinics run on Monday afternoons and Fridays, but it you prefer to have your injectables at the weekend why not book into Sister Zoë Bourne’s Saturday clinic? 

I'm really happy with the results from my recent Botulinum Toxin injections to tackle my crow's feet. Zoë was very gently with me, helping me feel at ease throughout. I would highly recommend her aesthetics clinic because you know you're in safe hands.

- Lisa


Zoë is a Clinic Sister in Ophthalmology within Worcestershire Acute Hospital NHS Trust. She has been qualified as a nurse for more than 20 years, and over the last two decades has gained a vast amount of knowledge and experience in clinical practice. She is recognised for providing high-quality care to patients with enthusiasm and integrity.


Training in aesthetics under the guiding hand of Dr Julia Sen allows her to embrace her passion for helping people enhance their natural beauty and assist them in creating the best physical version of themselves.


This contribution to someone's wellbeing is what drives Zoë to offer an individual and holistic approach. She has been a colleague of Dr Julia's through the NHS for nearly 15 years and has highly respected her work throughout that time.

Before And After: Crow's Feet

Lateral canthal lines radiate from the corners of the eyes, and usually start out as wrinkles that appear when you smile or squint. However, as we age they become more noticeable and ingrained as other factors play a role, from sun exposure to diet and genetics.


Here, Botulinum Toxin has been used to address a client's crow's feet (results shown after 14 days). By carefully injecting into the orbicularis oculi muscle, responsible for causing the lines, the muscle is relaxed and wrinkles are reduced.

Following this treatment, patients typically experience gradual improvements in their facial appearance over the course of several days, with the full effect manifesting within two weeks. The results are not permanent and last, on average, three-four months. We recommend regular maintenance top-up treatments to sustain the desired outcome.

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Painless Beauty? Check Out Our Princess Package

We understand that beauty should be a regal experience, so our Princess Package is perfect for those who desire pain-free injectables. Named after one of our more nervous clients, it offers you options to enjoy the enchantment of beauty without the worry of discomfort. Enquire about our pain relievers when you book your appointment.

Anaesthetic Cream: Opt for an application of anaesthetic cream 30 minutes before your treatment for an additional £25.

Stress Balls: Sometimes, a little squeeze is all you need. Stress balls can help you relax during your treatment.

Expert Care: Our skilled practitioners are highly trained and experienced, ensuring the safest, most precise injections for a result that's fit for royalty.

Personalised Consultation: We take the time to understand your needs and concerns, crafting a treatment plan that aligns with your beauty goals.

Exclusive Comfort: Experience our elegant, private treatment rooms designed to provide the utmost privacy and relaxation throughout your journey.

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