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"To say I’m delighted by the final results of Morpheu8 is an understatement! I look at my before and after photos and even I’m surprised to see just how well the treatment has worked. I honestly believed that other than surgery (which wasn’t an option) I would just have to live with my sagging skin" - Lisa

Plasma Mole Removal

"I had laser surgery to remove several flat moles and am pleased with the whole experience from start to finish. The whole team were very efficient, knowledgeable and polite. I received a call the next day to find out about my pain and if I was worried about anything which was great. I would not hesitate in recommending Dr Julia Sen to anyone who is looking to go through the same procedure" - Deborah

Fillers & Injectibles

"I have never had any cosmetic work before but Miss Sen made me feel comfortable, relaxed and reassured. She clearly had a wealth of knowledge and her manner was very professional. She was able to give me a realistic idea of the improvement I could expect, and answer all of my questions" - Elaine

Cholesterol Deposits

"Dr Julia Sen and her team are extremely professional and welcoming. Having a procedure to remove cholesterol deposits from both of my eyelids, I was completely at ease. It took not less than 15 minutes for something that had taken years to make a decision to have them removed. I would recommend Julia’s practice, you will not be disappointed" - Helen

Basal Cell Carcinoma

"Julia removed a basal cell carcinoma in my eye crease with great expertise. The surgery was painless and there was no subsequent pain.
Julia's team are friendly and laid-back. We chatted throughout so that the 40 minutes  flew past and was an enjoyable experience.
The biopsy results reported that Julia had succeeded in removing all of it so no further work needed" - Diane

Minor Surgery

"I have just had a minor operation carried out by Dr. Julia Sen and her team. It seems strange to say that it was an enjoyable experience, but it really was! The atmosphere was very relaxed yet professional, and I was at ease from the word go. I felt no pain whatsoever, and I have no hesitation in giving Dr. Sen and her team my highest recommendation" - Brian

Bilateral Brow Lift

"Dr Sen performed a bilateral brow lift and two blepharoplasties on me and I am absolutely delighted with the result. My peripheral vision was impaired and I now enjoy full visual range. The aftercare was excellent and Miss Sen has contacted me to check I was happy with the outcome and to check there were no problems. One happy patient!" - Susan


"I had some Xanthelasma under my eye which had bothered me for quite some time. Dr Sen gave me a couple of options of how to deal with it and I chose surgery. The surgery was quick and pain free and I couldn't have been in better hands. I had the option to buy some stem cell serum to aid recovery which I did and the results have been impressive to say the least" - Richard

Minor Surgery

"From start to finish I had fantastic treatment. Sympathetic, extremely professional but very personable too. Confidence and experience, made me feel like I was in extremely good hands. The procedure was explained simply to me so I knew what to expect, carried out with precision and painlessly. I've chopped onions that stung more than my procedure did!" - Thomas

Corrective Surgery Consultation

"Thank you Dr Sen for your empathy and understanding of my complex issues caused by previous eye surgery. It has been a difficult time. Your explanation of options for moving forward was clear and logical. I am so grateful for my consultation with you" - Julie

Eye Surgery

"Ultra professional, but so welcoming, I was immediately at my ease with Dr Sen and her team. I'm so very glad I overcame my reluctance to have the surgical procedure because the result has been so good, I wish I hadn't waited so long. I highly recommend this practice" - Jacqueline

Aesthetics Treatment

Dr Sen and her team are friendly and professional. Dr Sen is expert at listening to your desired outcome and explaining the various options clearly so you can make an informed decision. She understands in only a way a highly trained Surgeon can, the complexities involved in creating a balanced, natural, beautiful- best you" - Sarah
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