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Facial treatments

Thread Lift

Improve the appearance of sagging cheeks, wrinkles, jowls and loss of facial volume and definition. 

Sometimes referred to as the ‘non-surgical facelift’, a Definisse thread lift is a minimally-invasive treatment that lifts sagging areas of the face without the need for sedation or a hospital stay. It is performed under local anaesthetic and takes as little as 30 minutes, with patients able to return home a short while after.

It can help improve the appearance of sagging cheeks, deep lines and wrinkles, jowls, loss of facial volume, forehead wrinkles and jaw line redefinition. The benefits include instant and long lasting results, little downtime, an increase in natural collagen production and no stitches.


Thread lifts are a non-surgical way of creating lift in soft tissues in the face which may have descended with time. The treatment uses specialised threads without the need for off a less dramatic, cost-effective and minimally invasive alternative to a facelift, with fewer risks and shorter downtime. They can be repeated as required and may be combined with other therapies for optimal results.



A small amount of local anaesthetic is injected into several sites on the face before the skin is cleaned thoroughly with antiseptic solution. The threads are inserted though the anaesthetised skin and adjusted to create a lift. Once the threads have been placed on both sides they will be adjusted to achieve the best possible symmetry, then the ends are trimmed away.



There will initially be small indentations at the sites where the threads have traversed the skin and some puckering of the lifted skin. This usually resolves within a week. It is normal to feel the occasional “pinging” sensation as the tissues slip slightly over the thread before it becomes secure. It is important to be mindful in the first week to limit significant movements in the face; laughing, smiling broadly and chewing can encourage the tissues to slide back over the thread and reduce the beneficial effect. It is advisable to sleep on your back and preferably propped up with a several pillows for the first week.


How long does the recovery take? The procedure takes about 30 minutes, depending on what area is being treated, and afterwards you can go about your day as normal. You should avoid any non-strenuous activities for a day or two and high impact sports for 14 days. You are also advised to go makeup-free for a few days (minimum 24 hours). You should hold off on any dental treatments for the first two weeks.

What areas can be treated? Because thread lifts are so versatile, it can treat virtually any area of the face including the neck, jowls, jaw line, nasolabial folds, crow’s feet, eyebrows, cheeks and marionette lines.

What are the possible side effects? Bleeding, redness and bruising may occur but usually resolve within a few days. Immediately after the implant it is normal to have irregularities and skin depressions which will disappear within a few days. Rare side effects include infection, allergy, damage to deeper structures, asymmetry and thread breakage.

How soon will I see results? Some results of the treatment, such as skin lifting and some of the contouring effects, are visible immediately. Expect to see the final results one to two months later.  Typically a thread lift lasts up to year months and further procedures can be carried out to maintain the effect.


Treatment cost: A Definisse lower face thread lift costs £750.

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