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One Shade And Endless Elegance

Are you stuck in a makeup rut? Do you feel like you've been using the same colours day in and day out? It's time to break free from the monotony and embrace a fresh, modern approach to your beauty routine. Say hello to the monochromatic makeup trend - a simple yet striking way to update your look.

Unlock Your Monochromatic Makeup Potential

Gone are the days of meticulously applying different shades for your eyes, cheeks and lips. With the trend now moving towards monochromatic makeup, simplicity reigns supreme as you use one harmonious hue to tie your entire look together. This streamlined approach saves you time and effort, and creates a cohesive and effortlessly chic appearance.

So, what exactly are the benefits of embracing the monochromatic trend? For starters, it offers a fool proof way to achieve a polished and put-together look with minimal fuss. By using the same shade across your eyes, cheeks and lips, you create a harmonious balance that enhances your natural features and complements your complexion.

Sticking to a single shade palette means you can experiment with different finishes and textures - from matte to shimmering - to add depth and dimension. Whether you prefer a soft, romantic style or a bold, statement-making aesthetic, the versatility allows you to tailor your look to suit any occasion.

Unlock Your Monochromatic Makeup Potential

To make the trend easy, our new et al. makeup palettes are designed to help you effortlessly achieve this coveted style.

With a carefully curated selection of shades that seamlessly blend together, they take the guesswork out of creating a cohesive makeup look. Simply swipe, blend and go for a flawless finish every time. Et al. products also contain soothing aloe vera and protecting vitamin E to maintain hydration and a flawless complexion.

From rosy pinks and peachy corals to rich mauves and sultry burgundies, et al. offers shades to suit every skin tone and personal style. We think they'll quickly become your go-to beauty essential!

How To Apply Monochromatic Makeup:

Choose Your Shade: Start by selecting a shade that complements your skin tone and that you feel confident wearing across your eyes, cheeks and lips.

Fair Skin: Soft pink tones add a subtle flush without overpowering your complexion. Light nude shades with hints of peach or beige look natural and understated.

Light to Medium Skin: Peachy coral shades brighten while warm bronze tones add warmth. Opt for golden undertones for a radiant finish.

Medium to Olive Skin: Terracotta and copper shades with reddish-brown undertones add richness for a vibrant and sophisticated pop of colour.

Dark Skin: Rich berry shades beautifully complement deep to dark skin, so chose shades with deep plum or burgundy undertones for a timeless and sophisticated finish.

Foundation and Concealer: Before applying any makeup, ensure your skin is clean, moisturised and primed. Even out your skin tone with a lightweight foundation or tinted moisturiser before concealing any blemishes or dark circles with a creamy concealer.

Eyes: Using an eyeshadow brush or your fingertips, sweep your chosen shade across your eyelids, focusing on the crease and outer corners for dimension. For added depth, blend a slightly darker shade into the crease and along the lash line. Finish with a coat of mascara to define your lashes.

Cheeks: Next, add a pop of colour to your cheeks with a blush in the same shade family as your eyeshadow. Using a blush brush, apply to the apples of your cheeks and blend upwards towards your temples.

Lips: Complete your monochromatic look by applying a lipstick or lip gloss in the same shade as your eyeshadow and blush. For a seamless finish, use a lip brush to apply the product evenly and precisely.

Finishing Touches: To tie your look together, use a highlighter in a complementary shade to add a subtle glow to your cheekbones, brow bone and cupid's bow. If you're feeling adventurous, you can experiment with different finishes and textures within the same shade family. Mix matte and shimmering formulas for added dimension, or layer different shades of the same colour for a custom look.


Renowned as the makeup that does more, et al. is backed by artistry, science and a wealth of skin health expertise. Available now from Dr Julia Sen Health & Wellness Clinic, Worcester. Discover more here.


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