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Product Of The Month: et al. Foundation

Intelligent Skin Cream Foundation from et al. is designed to give your skin a hydrated, natural finish. It also contains a synergy of skincare actives to help protect your complexion.

Et al intelligent foundation

New in at Dr Julia Sen's Worcester clinic is et al. makeup, created by iiaa, the International Institute for Active Ageing. This science-backed range is quickly becoming the go-to for a whole host of makeup artists and beauty fans so I was excited to try it out.

For the Intelligent Skin Cream Foundation, you can find your match on the et al. app by simply uploading a photo and it offers you the best tones for your skin. I went for Shade 60W, described as "light-medium with warm undertones".

It was great choice as it seamlessly blended into with my natural tones while providing a long-lasting finish. The texture is lightweight yet offers good coverage, easily concealing those little imperfections without feeling heavy. The formula felt hydrating too, controlling shine where necessary, and leaving my skin looking and feeling balanced.

A definite standout feature is its skincare benefits - I love the idea of a foundation that not only covers but also cares for my complexion. Also, as someone who values ethical beauty, I was pleased to note et al.'s commitment to cruelty-free and vegan products.

How To Use:

Dot a small amount onto your cheeks, chin and forehead, then, using a foundation brush or sponge (rather than your fingers) lightly blend in. Add more to the areas you want extra coverage (treat it just like a concealer). I always mist my face afterwards to lock in those active formulas and ensure my face stays hydrated for longer.

Product Of The Month: et al. Foundation

Benefits of Intelligent Skin Cream Foundation:

Wide Range of Shades: With 32 shades available, including the versatile Shade 60W, et al. caters to a diverse range of skin tones.

Adaptive Formula: The foundation's formula adapts to the skin's needs, providing hydration where necessary and controlling shine in oil-prone areas.

Skincare Benefits: Infused with skincare actives, including Hydrachrysum™, it goes beyond mere coverage. It contributes to the improvement of skin hydration levels, offering a dual benefit of makeup and skincare in one product.

Innovative Ingredients: It's formulated with innovative ingredients such as: Blue Shield for protection against blue light and infra-red radiation; squalane for added moisture; and Floraglo lutein for antioxidant protection and hydration.


The complete et al. range - including foundations, concealers, powders and brushes - is now available at Dr Julia Sen Health & Wellness Clinic in Worcester.


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