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Summer Skin Boosters From Tropic

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Each month, Dr Julia and her team pick their favourite tried and tested products. First up, two summer must-haves from eco skincare brand Tropic.

Tropic Skin Shade Facial Sun Cream

Skin Shade Tinted Facial Sun Cream: For SPF50 sun protection and a buildable, even coverage, this 100% mineral SPF50 tinted cream offers broad-spectrum UV protection, as well as a radiant glow.

How to use: You don’t need any brushes or sponges; simply use your fingers to apply this over your face and neck. Reapply every two hours or straight after swimming, bathing or towel drying.

Dr Julia says: "This is lightweight, easy to apply and gives even, sheer, luminous coverage without blocking pores. Ideal if you’re not a regular foundation wearer or as alternative on days when you want to look naturally glowing, rather than 'done'.”

Tropic Tanning Mousse

Sun Drench Overnight Tanning Mousse: The formula harnesses the power of patented plant allo-melanin to replicate your skin’s natural melanin production. Antioxidants shield against environmental aggressors, while hydrating coconut and kiwi water prevent your skin from drying out and going patchy.

How to use: On dry, exfoliated skin (that hasn’t been moisturised), apply the foam in circular motions using a tanning mitt. Blend it in fully on elbows, heels and wrists, and leave to develop overnight before showering in the morning.

Lisa says: "I'm a bit of a fake tan queen - a twice a week girl summer and winter (mainly because I'm so pale!). I found this really easy to blend, there was no tell-tale smell and the tan that develops is really natural looking and streak free. Minimum effort for maximum results. The only thing I'd say is the application colour could be a little darker so it would be easier to see any areas you've missed."


You can shop a range of Tropic Skincare at our Worcester clinic. For more details click here.


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