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Tried & Tested: Stem Cell Facial

Who doesn’t love a good facial … but how about one that can offer more than a short-term skin boost? Yes please! We put the Calecim® Plasma Stem Cell Facial to the test.

I’d read plenty about the benefits of stem cells as a potent anti-ageing treatment, so I was intrigued to see how this new breed of pro-level skincare could work to improve my 50+ complexion. Before my treatment, I chatted through what to expect and was assured it was a totally pain-free experience – far more like a relaxing therapy than an invasive one.

The first step involves treating your face with plasma energy - known as a "plasma shower". During this stage you feel a slight vibration as it goes over your skin, but it’s far from uncomfortable. By doing this, it allows the products that are then applied – Calecim’s innovative Stem Cell-Derived Serum and hyaluronic ccid – to be fully absorbed into your skin.

Why Choose A Plasma Stem Cell Facial

• Plasma sterilises the skin, killing 99% of bacteria on the surface.

• It also increases product absorption rate by 120 times. This means it feeds the dermis with results- driven ingredients, including Calecim's innovative stem cell formula, hyaluronic acid and antioxidants

• The facial is suitable for all skin types and skin concerns, and can target pigmentation, uneven skin tone, inflammation, dehydration and acne.

The results: While this is a proper treat facial, it's also one that delivers long-term results. I loved seeing how my skin improved over the coming days; the redness and open pores were minimised, as were many fine lines, and my face felt more taught and look radiant.


You can find out more about this -surgical facial rejuvination procudure by Dr Julia Sen here.


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