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A hydrating, moisturising cream in a light texture with multi-level hydration dynamics. To be worn over your corrective treatment. Visible benefits can be observed in as little as two weeks, with
optimum results in 90 days.


Restorative Hydration Cream revives dry, tired and stressed skin, with fast-acting ingredients that target every level of the skin. The result: Instantly plumping and hydrating, visible improvement of fine lines and shadows, and restoration of youthful glow and radiance.



Calecim Professional Restorative Hydration Cream

  • Use as a moisturiser, either on its own or after applyng a serum or other corrective treatments, such as Multi-Action Cream.

    Contains naturally derived hyaluronic acid from cord lining stem cells.

    Helps skin replenish its own HA from within and hydrates at every level.

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