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Frustrated by endless diets and rollercoaster weight losses? As four leading medical professionals we understand the reasons why people pile on the pounds and can provide the tools for future success.

Expert-Led Weight Loss Programme

Our innovative SEN Weight management programme is centred around a NICE-approved daily injection that targets obesity and chronic weight management. This simple-to-use pen was originally developed as an anti-diabetic drug; it contains a natural, appetite-regulating hormone that makes you feel full, staving off hunger to help you to lose weight and keep it off.

However, our team believe that the injection alone isn’t enough to tackle a lifetime of battling weight issues and have developed a 12 week wellness plan that offers the medical, nutritional and coaching advice to help you succeed.

Young Dietitian

SEN Weight Management: Focussing On Proven Science And Support

Support: Medical assessment and NICE-approved medication to manage your appetite.

Emotional: One-on-one counselling to promote healthy behaviours around food.

Nutrition: Develop optimum eating habits to lose weight and maintain it.

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