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Dodfest's Celebration of Women’s Unity

Our very first all-day celebration of women's empowerment was such a resounding success - and from the feedback we've received from those who came along to Dodfest, it sounds like you enjoyed it just as much as we did!

Dodfest's Celebration of Women’s Unity

With a mission to empower and inspire, Dodfest For Wise Women attracted nearly 100 guests from all over the region as our line-up of experts shared advice on resilience, creativity and wellness. The event, at Dodford Village Hall on Saturday June 22, brought together women to share their stories, learn from each other and enjoy a day filled with engaging activities.

Dodfest's Celebration of Women’s Unity

Inspiring Speakers: Dodfest kicked off with a series of powerful talks from local health and wellbeing leaders. First up was Kelly Horton, Content Nutrition, who shared her tips on anti-inflammatory foods, before Ed Proctor, Physiotherapist from Wollaston Spinal Health discussed hormones and muscular health. Eye experts included Optometrist Justine Proctor and Mr Malcolm Woodcock, Consultant Vitreoretinal & Refractive Surgeon.

Understanding the importance of holistic wellbeing, Dodfest dedicated sections of day to health and wellness, with talks including Living Healthily with Stress with Jennie Reynolds, from WorkLife Health; Pelvic Floor Pilates with Physiotherapist Leila Holmes; Mastering Menopause with Dr Vicky Hobbs, from VHK Women’s Health; and Tackling Rosacea with Consultant Dermatologist Dr Viktoria Eleftheriadou. Spirituality and lifestyle was covered during talks on Crystal Energy with Intuitive Crystal Healer Lynn Jinks; Yoga & Mindfulness with Sara Jones, from Zenergy Studio; And Breathe with Breathwork Instructor Bev Nibbs; and Styling It Out with Jane Brook, Stylist at House of Colour. The audience was also entertained by the hugely talented Jayne and Lucy from Polefinesse, and a beautiful music set from Josie Field. To keep our guests well fed during the day, delicious Indian finger food was supplied Farzana's Fusion and ice creams from Bennetts.

Dodfest's Celebration of Women’s Unity

Interactive Workshops: Dodfest featured a variety of workshops designed to empower women with new skills and knowledge. These included an introduction to pole dancing; Meditation, Mindfulness & Journaling; Mastering Meal Prep, and How To Use Colour In Your Home with stylist Lisa Piddington. Many of those who joined these breakout sessions have already told us how they have given you a newfound confidence.

Networking Opportunities: One of our favourite aspects of Dodfest was seeing so many of our guests connect with each other and with professionals from diverse industries. The day facilitated meaningful conversations and collaborations, fostering a sense of community and support.

From the feedback we have received, our guests left feeling empowered and inspired. Through workshops and interactive sessions, they gained practical skills they could apply in their daily lives, prioritised the need for selfcare and made commitments to incorporate healthier habits into their routines in the future.

But above all, the day was a testament to the incredible potential and spirit of women - of learning, sharing and celebrating. We can't wait to welcome you all to Dodfest 2025, where the journey of empowerment and inspiration continues!


Here's an extra treat to keep the Dodfest spirit alive! You can download a copy of Jennie Reynold's (from Worklife Health) e-book Beat The Burnout below.

Beat the burn out
Download PDF • 9.85MB


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