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Morpheus8 … The Final Results

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

Eight months ago, we asked our client Lisa to put our innovative Morpheus8 treatment to the test. She was the first person at our clinic to try it; at the time we didn’t really know what to expect from the results. Here she share her experience now she has completed her course.

TREATMENT ONE… A big weight loss six years ago and age (I’m 51) meant the skin on my neck was very loose – Judy Murray described hers as looking like a “turkey neck” pre-Morpheus, and I know exactly what she meant. I also disliked the way my jawline was sagging southwards. I’d read this procedure is perfect to tackle both of these, so I’m excited to see the finished result. You need to be prepared that, unlike fillers, you won’t see an immediate effect, but you will start to notice improvements within a week or so. Over the first few days I started to see more definition and within a fortnight there is more defined contouring on my jaw.


TREATMENT TWO … My jawline is noticeably tighter, the jowls along my chin have lifted and the skin on my neck looks much better.


TREATMENT THREE … I’ve noticed a real improvement in my skin tone – in fact I’ve had a few people comment on how well I’m looking and asking me what skincare I’ve been using.


POST TOP-UP … To say I’m delighted by the final results is an understatement! I look at my before and after photos and even I’m surprised to see just how well the treatment has worked. I honestly believed that other than surgery (which wasn’t an option) I would just have to live with my sagging skin and hide behind polo necks … not really ideal during the summer!


MY THOUGHTS … I get asked whether Morpheus8 hurts and while it can be a little uncomfortable on certain parts of your face – across bony areas or where the skin is thinner, for example – it is a far less painful option than the surgeon’s knife. It’s also worth remembering each session only takes 20 minutes and your skin is slathered in a very effective anaesthetic cream about half an hour beforehand, which certainly helps.

You’ll find your skin is red for a day or two afterwards, and you can’t apply makeup for 24 hours, so my advice is don’t get it done before a big weekend of socialising. It’s recommended that after your three treatments you will need top-ups every six month or annually, so do consider this if you want to get the very best results.


To find out more about our Morpheus8 treatment click here.


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