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Product Of The Month: Tropic Youth Potion

Powered by the world’s first certified natural retinal, Youth Potion from Tropic feeds skin with ten youth-enhancing actives. It's designed to effectively reduce fine lines, boost collagen and unlock that youthful glow.

Youth Potion

How It Works: Crafted with enriched oil on top and supercharged serum underneath, Youth Potion is a dual-phase innovation that blends science and nature. There's advanced marine retinal - a revolutionary form of vitamin A sourced from microalgae - that delivers powerful results without the irritation.

There's also plant peptides to soften lines and tighten, repair the skin barrier, smooth texture and improve elasticity; and Bakuchiol, a natural alternative to retinol, to stimulate collagen and minimises the visible signs of ageing. These work in tandem with multivitamins, phytonutrients and CoEnzyme Q10 to even tone.

How To Use: Shake to fuse the actives then warm 1-2 pumps between the fingers and press into freshly cleansed skin. Remember that retinal is an active form of vitamin A so always use SPF the morning after application. If you have sensitive skin, you can mix one pump with your usual moisturiser and use on alternate days.

What I Loved: A little really goes a long way, and because you only need a couple of pumps you'll certainly get your money's worth. Even after a few day, using it morning and night, I noticed my skin feeling more supple and hydrated. It easily slotted into my daily routine and made the perfect base for my foundation. I also love that Tropic only use natural, sustainably sourced ingredients so you know you're not putting any nasties or artificial preservatives on your skin.


You can shop Youth Potion via my Tropic Skincare portal here.


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